Living Room

The Living Room

Record amongst the books and plants. Meditate and burn Incense. Also grab some Coffee! 

This room can do everything! Solo Vocals. Choir Vocals. A live band recording. Video production suite. Podcasts!

It’s all about building up a library of content. We encourage people to use their imagination and use this space not only music but for discussion, teaching and learning.

Live stream from this room and show the world what you’re cooking up. 


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Thank You For Booking

By booking you agree to our terms for booking and session prep. To View Our Policy and Procedures for session prep Click Here

Thanks for booking the Living Room; recording studio at American Sushi Recording Sushi


Cancellations & Refunds

Once your session and time is confirmed we will send you an invoice. All invoices are due within a timely manner or we cannot guarantee your time. As we are a small boutique recording studio time is always a commodity, since a session always means complete privacy for you. We bill the entire amount of the session with a few exceptions being large sessions that span days or weeks. You must cancel your session within 24hrs of start time in order to be rescheduled or your session is counted as paid for. We do not at this time offer refunds however will work with you to reschedule your session at the Dojo

Preparing For Your Session

Hard drives

Always, always, always bring your own hard drive. If you don’t bring one, we have thumb drives for $15 that we can sell to you. But, we do highly recommend bringing your own hard drive. We do NOT send out files. 

What are you recording?

Know for sure what you are recording so no time is wasted. Have a plan to get as much done as possible in a timely manner. Have an idea of what projects need the most work and the ones that need the least amount of work. 

Communication is Key

When you have booked your session be sure to contact the engineer and let them know what we are going to be recording in your session. That includes vocals, drums, keys, etc. Also, if  there are any changes such as, “We were suppose to have a drummer today with but he’s out of town,” let the engineer know a head of time before your session. Always let the engineer know what’s going on.

Want to Mix During Your Session?

If you want to mix during your session, save time for that. Again, have a plan of what needs to be recorded so there can be time to start mixing your projects. Mixing takes about 2 – 4 hours.

Keeping in mind Mixing and Mastering are two very different things. Here is a link to a video explaining the difference.


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