There are no rules when it comes to making good music and so we pay homage to the techniques of our forefathers while experimenting new tech with the homies. Click Here to listen to some things we helped build.

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About Us

American Sushi Recording Studios is a blend of Professional and Home studio environments. Equipped to record any genre of music our boutique recording space is known for helping you tap into your most artistic side. Having recorded musicians from many other parts of the world with Greater Atlanta as the incubator, we know exactly how to get your sound right.
Our recording studio is located just south of Atlanta in Riverdale, GA.

Artist Development Programs

Artist Residency

Record more regularly and with more freedom at a fraction of the cost.

Independant Artist Label

Chicago Executives/E9 Music Group

Sushi For Breakfast

A free form video showcase for independent artist that provides exposure.


email: jasmine@americansushirecording.com

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