Step into the inviting atmosphere of American Sushi Recording Studio, where creativity thrives in a laid-back yet professional setting. Our studio provides a welcoming space for musicians to hone their craft, blending practicality with comfort. With years of experience under our belt, we understand the nuances of sound production, offering a personalized touch to every project. At American Sushi, we redefine the art of recording, prioritizing authenticity and a relaxed vibe above all else.

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Artist Development Programs

Artist Residency

Record more regularly and with more freedom at a fraction of the cost.

Independant Artist Label

Chicago Executives/E9 Music Group

Sushi For Breakfast

A free form video showcase for independent artist that provides exposure.


email: jasmine@americansushi.org

Schedule A Free consultation And Sit Down With An Engineer or Producer Today

Hey! Feeling a bit lost in the creative maze or just wanting to sketch out your thoughts in advance? Totally get it! Let’s kick back and talk! Whether you’re riding the brainstorming wave, seeking a starting point, or simply wanting to vibe and plan ahead, let’s connect. Picture it like a cozy creative pow-wow where we can hash out ideas, clear any uncertainties, and set the stage for your artistic journey. This meet-up is all about laid-back discussions and crafting a game plan that vibes with your unique style. No pressure, just good vibes and collaborative energy. So, if you’re up for it, let’s get together and make sure you’re all set to roll with your creative flow at the recording studio. Let’s catch those artistic vibes together!

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