SUSHI CAMP 2017 | American Sushi Atlanta Studio

American Sushi Recording Presents Sushi Camp. 15 lucky kids will have the experience of a lifetime!


DROP THEM OFF AT American Sushi Recording Studio for a week and they'll learn what it really takes to make it in the music industry!

In addition to daily instruction in music theory, recording, and basic production, they'll get coaching from professional writers like Acolyte Zro, professional vocal coaches like Melissa Connor, and real working bands like The Txlips. If that's not enough, they'll get to work with American Sushi's owner and head engineer Jamie Lake, to create and compose a completely original song from start to finish and actually walk out with songwriting credits!

A whole week of exposure and learning at a fully functional recording studio in Atlanta for LESS THAN HALF the price of studio time!

CONTACT US TODAY to schedule your child's interview on May 6th! Only 5 student per week will be accepted

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We are Located AT

426 Seminole Avenue Northeast
Atlanta, GA, 30307
United States