Studio A at American Sushi
Picture 2 Construction

Still Under Construction

American Sushi is a cyborg. Analog and digital goodtimes at the same damn time. The Mothership features Sloan’s Vintage Sound Workshops Series 34 Console (Here Until He Picks It Up), Vocal Booth, Piano Room and Drum Room. We have paid attention to the need of musicians and wanted to focus on clarity and comfort. The Mothership is perfect for music of all genres!

Music Producers Room
Writing Room at American Sushi

Glen Room is a music production suite that includes 2 Vocal booths, Writing Room, Vintage Keyboards and Vintage Video Games. Perfect for Engineers, Producers and Songwriters who want a private recording session with the homies or by themselves. record vocals in the open or in isolation.

MIchael Dean's Library at American Sushi
The Library at American Sushi Recording
Chinese Menu Wall at American Sushi

Michael’s library is short for Michael Dean’s Library. Soon to be filled with self help books. A video production suite all about building up a library of content. Our hope is that people use it for not only music but for discussion, teaching and learning. Broadcast live from this room or recording full bands for video. Direct connect full bands via this room into the “Glen Room”. Podcast and set up a set within that is original to your show.

Podcast Room 1
Podcast Room 2
Podcast Room 3

The Breakroom. Podcast and Live Streaming room. 4 Mic setup with interface and mac computer. Discuss whatever and capture it the way you want.

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Once your session and time is confirmed we will send you an invoice. All invoices are due within a timely manner or we cannot guarantee your time. As we are a small boutique recording studio time is always a commodity, since a session always means complete privacy for you. We bill the entire amount of the session with a few exceptions being large sessions that span days or weeks. You must cancel your session within 24hrs of start time in order to be rescheduled or your session is counted as paid for. We do not at this time offer refunds however will work with you to reschedule your session at the Dojo