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Updated: 11:15 p.m.: Jamie Lake,30, owner of American Sushi Recording Studio in Little Five Points was among the protesters still out late Friday night. He said he’s marching for his 9 year old daughter.

“She asked me not to get shot so I wore this bullet proof vest.” Lake says he hopes keeping protest alive late into the night will show people they’re “not protesting for no reason.”

www.ajc.com, July 9, 2016


"Jamie moved to Atlanta with every intention of working with big name artists but his time at many Major Studios changed that. Lake embraced indie sound and abandoned wanting to produce mainstream hits to really focus on creating a sound that is both unique to each artist as well as to Atlanta. Jamie has made American Sushi a safe place where creatives can come and feel comfortable while recording. It has great acoustics and relaxed down home feel..”

Plasma Mag - Stephen Wilkins, November 10, 2016

Out our back door, there are houses, maybe, possibly within 50, 60 feet of us, but these people kind of know that this is an artists’ community,” he says.  “When you step [into the studio], it's kind of like you're stepping into a bomb shelter.  This place is well-insulated, well sound-proofed.”

The measure won't shut down existing facilities.  Lake just bought the studio last year but says it's been around for decades.  He says the B-52s and Mick Jagger have recorded here.  “All of these things that have happened in the past would not have happened if something like this ordinance existed,” he says.

— NPR All Things Considered w/ Amy Kiley, JANUARY 13, 2017