All About American Sushi | Atlanta

Contact American Sushi Recording Studio in Atlanta for your next recording session. Give us a call at 6788847924


A·mer·i·can /əˈmerəkən/) (su·shi /'so͞oSHē/) - 1. Ultra Dope Recording Studio 2. An Independent Publisher of Dope Music and other Awesome Eccentricities!

American Sushi Recording is the Bermuda Triangle of Recording Studios. The Eerie Indiana. The Twilight Zone. The Proverbial Center Of The Universe. Allegedly.
What can you do with 8hrs at American Sushi Recording? We pride our self at getting big jobs done. People love to ask "What do you guys do at American Sushi"? This is a glimpse into one of our days.
The Best Bathroom in Atlanta is at American Sushi Recording

Located at 426 Seminole Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30307

For Sessions Contact:  Management at 678-884-7924

For Events and Collaboration Contact: Michael Dean - Creative Director/Management - 404-372-7161