Aaron Hendrikson - Engineer

Aaron Hendrickson Audio Engineer at American Sushi Recording Studio Atlanta, GA. ShoeGaze, Heavy Metal, Rock, Punk Rock, Ska.





Aaron began his journey in 2012 when he purchased an interface and a few mics and began recording demos for local bands out of the warehouse where he worked.

With confidence, he built a home studio in 2013 and started hounding bands to make full recordings with him, learning the ins and outs of the process of making records utilizing a hybrid of analog and digital recording technology


In 2016, he recorded his first project at American Sushi, An Immodest Motive by Bleach Garden. Recorded (mostly) live with no edits, this would come to embody the process of live, in-the-room recording that Aaron uses to capture bands in their element 

Aaron takes the approach of being a neutral conduit to capture bands as they sound. He is sonically influenced by the recordings of Steve Albini, Jack Endino, Butch Vig, and many other seminal producers of the golden age of alternative music


From Aaron;

“My role in producing and recording bands is to provide a positive, energetic, and motivating force to get solid recordings as quickly as possible, all while having A BLAST. because if it’s not fun, what the fuck are we even doing?”

5 STARS - The facility is super fantastic! Aaron, was awesome and very kind engineering the session. I highly recommend this establishment to every Musician/Artist.
5 STARS - Amazing people! Aaron was very cool and easy to talk to and work with. Look forward to working here a bunch more in the future!
— Lord Vato (Killer Croc)
5 STARS - Wonderful studio. I enjoy myself every time and the sound is Amazing. So check it out
— Juice Harris
5 STARS - Great vibe. Great sounds. Great acoustics. The staff are genuine. Location is in the heart of Little Five Points.
— Jason Monseur
5 STARS - Just got done recording my band Bleach Garden’s demo at American Sushi last Saturday, and needless to say I was more than impressed. From the beginning I wasn’t really quite sure what to expect, and from the outside you’d never even guess it was a studio. As soon as we walked in though everything changed. The live room was probably double the size I was expecting, and was mainly hardwood and concrete, the acoustics in the room were fucking immense. I thoroughly loved every minute of it. There’s just something about this place that makes you feel like you’re at home. It’s super cozy and comfortable too. If anyone is looking to record on a fair budget hit these guys up, you won’t regret it! Thank you guys so much for letting us use your space! We’ll be telling everyone we know to come to you! Hope to do more work here someday soon!
— Joey Bertini (Bleach Garden)